Monday, February 14, 2005

You Mean You're Actually Reading This?

Don't expect frequent updates to this blog. That seems like as good an introduction as any, since I don't intend to keep a "normal" blog where I feel obligated to post something every day, however prosaic. This space serves two basic purposes: to gratify my ego by imagining that someone is actually interested in what I write (as, I suppose, are most blogs), and to encourage myself to actually write something every now and then.

What should you expect to see here? Mostly, when I write it will be relatively brief opinion pieces, though I might throw in the odd random thought that amuses me. I also intend to post the occasional essay (that is, something for which I've actually done some research), but then I'm sure you know what they say about good intentions. I won't be writing about my work, nor will I be writing about my private life. I'm not paid to do this, so when I post it'll likely be in the evenings or on the weekend. There's an atom feed, if you're the obsessive type, but it's probably simpler to check in once a week or when you're bored.

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