Sunday, April 08, 2007

Impressions of an Idiot

Today, I mowed my lawn. From my last post, you know this means I pushed a reel mower around my yard. I also had to pick up a bunch of twigs, which took some time.

All told, I spent about an hour clearing my yard and mowing. I could tell I was getting a workout, and by the end I was ready to take off my jacket, even though it's in the 30s here.

My impression? It wasn't too bad. Given the first mow of the season is supposed to be the most difficult, since you're mowing older growth, I don't expect it to be a difficult lawn to mow. Negotiating the roots in the back was perhaps the most difficult part, but as I was mowing there I noticed that the grass wasn't particularly full, so some sort of ground cover would probably grow better there anyway.

The biggest surprise was that the slopes in my yard were much easier to mow than I'd expected. It helps that they're both short and narrow. Overall, I think my yard looks nice after the push mow, and I'll be guaranteed at least half an hour of cardio exercise every week during the growing season.

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Julie said...

Three homes ago, when I lived on a corner lot house, I had to mow with a push mower, the non-motorized kind. It was really icky when the grass grew longer than three or four inches. The moral of this story--keep that stuff short!