Wednesday, September 19, 2007

In Honor of "Talk Like a Pirate Day" We Present "Write Like a Pirate Day"

liusadhyfv 3 37y vfro87 873 yvro87resygf 43 87o o87v343 87f3 vr o8v3q7oq o87fds liufhv lksdh 43q 3

[Note: Most pirates were illiterate. Me hearties.]


Julie said...

I'm intrigued by the reoccurring "87"s . . . thought I've never been very intrigued by pirates. Except for lady pirates, of which there actually are a famous few!

Mike Marsh said...

Ah, the secret of the "87"s is that those keys happen to be the closest to the longest fingers of my right hand when mashing the keyboard. You might notice an abundance of 3's and 4's as well.

Sorry if that spoils any of the mystery.

Julie said...

It's like finding the treasure on the map!

I started a dedicated food blog, which (should be) is linked to my name from this comment. Woot!

Mike Marsh said...

Woot, indeed!

That's a lot of posts.

Julie said...

Yeah, no kidding. And here I was worried that I hadn't generated enough content in the past year and a-half to make a substantial "start"!