Tuesday, December 11, 2007

It's Not Stupid, It's Art!

I've decided that anyone who espouses a view that I consider patently absurd is, in fact, a performance artist. Ann Coulter? Performance artist. (This has been suggested before.) That woman who wants to ban cupcakes and force Santa to lose weight? Performance artist. Creationists? The largest performance art troupe in human history.

It's a lot less disconcerting, isn't it? It can even be impressive, like Stephen Colbert writ large (OK, larger).

Oh, and I totally call dibs on credit for coining the insult, "Stop being such a performance artist," or, "What are you? A performance artist?" I mean, I do have to think of my legacy.


Julie said...

I just skip the niceties and call them clowns!

Mike Marsh said...

The difference is that clowns are trying to be funny, but performance artists aren't, necessarily. Take Andy Kaufman. While he was often funny, he never considered himself a comic, and even cast himself as a villain at times.

Julie said...

Clowns are scary. It's even worse when they try to be scary. =(

The only role I knew Kaufman in was the nutty guy on Taxi. Scary in a fun way ... the way clowns should be funny--in a fun way.

After all these years, I still manage to entertain myself by talking myself into circles.