Tuesday, February 09, 2010

This is Just Ridiculous

We've had about 45" of snow since Friday, with another 10-20" predicted for today and tomorrow. Buffalo has had about 60" this season. Buffalo. We might get more snow than Buffalo.

I haven't lost power yet, but my parents were out for over 30 hours, and Pepco still reports over 12,000 customers who haven't yet had their power restored (down from over 100,000). The roads are plowed, though many not to their full width. The snowplow crews have worked incredibly long shifts, with little or no time for sleep. They've got nowhere to plow the snow, so they've had to haul it away.

At the rate roads have been getting cleared, it's going to take at least all day Thursday before they'll be passable again. That's assuming the road crews can pull the sorts of hours they have been. Oh, and the local governments have already pretty much exhausted their snow-removal budgets for the year.

The next front looks like it'll pass to our south, dumping rain (and some wintery mix) on the South/Southeast from Texas to Florida. There's another one up in the Northwest, though. I have no idea what direction that one's going to go.

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raluke said...

I'm almost too tired to rant. This morning I intend to dig a path out to our wood pile against the possibility of losing power. I hope we don't lose power.