Wednesday, December 29, 2010

Testing some markup features

This post has no real content of interest.

Ideally, this part should show up normally, though I've put it in its own <div> block.

If this is the second paragraph, then it didn't work.


Mike Marsh said...

Neat. I can use <div class="cryptoblog"> to denote the ciphertext. I can use separate div tags for key and content data, as well. As long as an applet can get the DOM for the page on which it's embedded, I should be good to go.

Mike Marsh said...

OK, technically, I also need to be able to access the browser's security store for private keys. That's almost certainly going to require a signed applet. I'm not sure who I'll be able to get to sign that. In principle, I should be able to create my own CA cert, and just have people load that into their browsers. You all trust me, right? I mean, your browser trusts China's CA by default.